About us

Nonno Mario Italia is a young company that offers, with an excellent quality  price ratio, a wide range of Italian specialties, produced in full respect of the quality and authenticity, thanks to the exclusive use of raw materials of the highest quality and fruit and vegetables in season.

All products of Nonno Mario are handcrafted using traditional methods.

The company is located in the heart of the Langhe, in Alba, Piemonte, in northwest Italy, a land known for its beautiful nature, its scents and unforgettable colors

Thanks to highly specialized staff we are able to meet all the needs of consumers by offering the best products, promoted through our brand, which the Italian tradition has given us over time.

C'era da restare accecati a voler fissare là dove il cielo d'un azzurro di maggio si saldava alla cresta delle colline, di tutto nude fuorchè di neve cristallizzata. Una irresistibile attrazione veniva, con barbaglio, da quella linea: sembrava essere la frontiera del mondo, da lassù potersi fare un tuffo senza fine ".

There was to be blinded to want to fix the place where the sky blue of May is tied up to the crest of the hills, all around naked except snow crystallized. An irresistible attraction was, with glare, from that line seemed to be the frontier of the world, from there they can take a dip without end 

Beppe Fenoglio .